The New Trend of Party Gambling

Sometimes, as we grow older we wonder what it is that keeps the youth so busy and nowadays you only come to one conclusion; that the youth is all about parties. Little do we know that the fun loving youth does not just stop at having a party, but they have created a new trend and a new line of gambling which is called party gambling. We will discuss this new trend with you and inform you about the advantages and the dangers of this new party gambling craze.

Many young people would not call it party gambling, but they would rather call it having fun with a little monetary twist. A party gambler is someone who gambles with money at a party by letting people do certain actions and it is not the act of the gamble itself that can prove dangerous at times, but it is the acts that are to be fulfilled that can put one in to a difficult situation.

One of the most popular party gambling games is the beer bong or the beer drinking contest. This is not a real contest where the winner gets a prize, but rather a gambling game where people bet on which person can drink the most. Sometimes the contestant plays part in the wager, but it is mostly about ones honor and proving how manly you are. Women also join drinking contests, but they are usually not wagered. The beer can be administered through a so called bong which is a simple hose, or the participant has to drink the beer from the keg upside down on a handstand. Some participants drink until they pass out and that is only when the danger of overconsumption starts.

Other forms of party gambling are cat fights or mud fights. Bigger parties have a little fighting ring made out of mud where scantily clad women will wrestle with each other until one has been on the back for a certain amount of time. The attractive part of this party gambling style is that it attracts numerous men who start wagering on a contestant. The mud fights often have prizes or cash prizes for the winner and mud fights are usually dominated by women because of the sexual nature of the party gambling game.

The last form of party gambling that is a so called dance off, where two individuals or groups dance off against each other. The crowd decides who wins and usually the dancers themselves are the ones that are wagering themselves off, but outside bets are also allowed. The administrator has to be the disc jockey or the host of the party who will announce who will go first and who will comment on the performance of each person.

Party gambling is growing bigger and the gambling styles are becoming more elaborate. Watch out for one of these gambling games, because you never know if you happen to be in a party with one of these gambles.